Wednesday, 20 September 2017


Runanga Show

On Tuesday blaketown school wen to Runanga to see a show. There were little kids dress up in coshomes like little baby animals in the and they were dacing to music they were very cute  but people were saying hunt the kill the lion and kill anything that moves but the lion was real b to people how bliven in him but he is a froed but it was a person  with  a  

slide show

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Space Scratchy

Jun 1, 2017 1:50:39 PM.jpg

On Monday we made a Space Scratchy I really like doing this on the right bottom it is a planet looking over an other planet it looks cool.
this is my frouvite art so far
there is a long line that is the milky way i see the milky way a lot at my dad's farm.
the star are so so sparkly it looks like my mums eyes.

safe Biking

Yesterday we bid safe biking for safe biking we had to do hand signs so the person behind  us know when to turn the corna. We did a slow race instead a fast race the last  two to get to the finish line  was the wina but i was not the wina for the race Jai t and charlie won the race i went to fast when I was meet to be slow I was happy when we bout our bikes to school.

We did a cool osckucorse officer Josh tell us all about safety you have to look down the drive way to see enny cars backing up so we don't get hit by a car couse you will go to the hospill.